Kelvis Pinup


Kelvis Pinup- The woman behind and sometimes in front of the lens!

Well thank you for checking out my website!!!  The name Kelvis comes from my love of Elvis Presley and my real name, which is Kelly Lynn Welsted! Kelly+ Elvis= KELVIS! Genius right? Hahaha!  I have a love for my man & my pup, the great outdoors, motorcycles, antiques, creepy stuff, Halloween, tattoos, shoes that I don't need, vintage lingerie, hot rods and vintage images of naked ladies, old smelly magazines... My list goes on as I am a collector of all sorts! I am originally from Buffalo, NY and living in Western, PA between Pittsburgh and Erie. I am 34 years old and have been modeling for fun since I was 19.  Photography has been a passion of mine and I decided to give it a go! So far I am loving being behind the camera and am loving my client's (turned in to friends) reactions to their photos!!! I get a serious sense of satisfaction knowing each lady who books with me leaves here feeling 150% about themselves. I am constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts and love to style and create my own sets! Thanks for checking out my page!


Thinking About Shooting? Here is how it works!

 These shoots are great for all women no matter your size or age! We don't stay beautiful on the outside forever ladies..... Looks fade, the true beauty is within so why not take some awesome photos while you're feeling great and healthy, before you get old and crusty?!!!! After all, the sessions you book with me are ALL ABOUT YOU! I often hold themed group shoots but also offer one on one private sessions as well! The themed group shoots are really fun where a few girls shoot at certain times throughout the day, individually! I hold them for holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and The 4th of July to name a few! For solo sessions, first, get a hold of me by filling out the contact section of this website. Once I receive your email I will go over with you any your ideas or concepts you may have! We will discuss if you want hair and makeup done at this time.  Currently I work from anywhere, located in Western, PA at this time. Of course I can travel to you but different rates will apply for travel time! Everyone wants something different so pricing varies. Your photo shoot includes EVERY SINGLE IMAGE we snap!!!! Within a few days you will receive a link to a free app called Dropbox- It is very safe and I use it all of the time for my shoots and documents. In Dropbox you can download and keep all of your images!!! You will pick your favorites (that number depends on the edit package you choose at time of booking) and I will edit them for you!!!  I will have your images to you within one week!  I do require a  $100 non refundable deposit upon booking and you can pay the balance the day of your shoot in CASH. You can let me know before or after the shoot if you want extra edits! DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. So keep that in mind at time of booking. These images are YOURS to keep forever and ever. You have all rights to them and can print or do whatever you want with. 


My Why...

Believe it or not, we all have something we dislike about ourselves, mentally and/or physically. Growing up I was the youngest of 7 children, 5 of which were boys, and I love my brothers, but boys are mean LOL! I dressed like a boy all the time, I was always with my dad on his motorcycle or in the garage trying to help, I loved playing any sport with my siblings, my best friend was a boy and I would never let my hair down until 8th grade! I was a little chubbier than my siblings and it didn't help that I was not the "skinny" one out of the 2 girls in the family (that was my sissy) and then there is the fact that my name rhymes with smelly, jelly, big fat belly!!! Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? A grown woman still thinking of these things..... No one is perfect by any means and that is PERFECTLY ok! I grew up, I shoved that mental crap aside and decided with modeling- it was my out- I can be anything I want to be! I always loved to model because I was "acting/modeling" to be something I truly was not.... Which to me is actually pretty awesome. I am a Tom Boy at heart, so for me to wear makeup, heels and dresses isn't so much in my cards usually. My point? You can become whatever you want in these photos..... Want to be a filthy rich Hollywood vixen? We can do that! Want to be a Rockabilly Pinup babe? We can do that!!! A bum? Let's make it happen. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but I think you see where I am going with this. The ladies who book with me leave here feeling amazing, I can see it in their eyes and it makes me so happy.... That is my why. If I can have one lady come to me and say "That is the most beautiful I have ever felt"..... I sleep well at night because that is important to me, for everyone to love themselves. They go home and their loved ones see them and say how awesome they look!!! When they see their photos they have a sense of beauty and accomplishment. I am convinced EVERY woman should do this at least once in there life! For yourself..... Because IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU, at least for the moment! There is too much hate in the world, let's shine some light!